Bedsores Be Gone Prevent and Heal Unsightly Bedsores


Bedsores Be Gone EZ Positioning Plates" makes frequent patient re-positioning an EZ tasks for the single caregiver.

As a licensed practical nurse in homecare for many years, it always intrigued me how decubitus ulcers/bedsores would linger even with best efforts, especially when they are so preventable. I understand patients are heavy, they have to be turned and repositioned every 2-3 hours per healthcare industry standards, and at the same time, if a patient, due to circumstances is too heavy to move by one caregiver, rightfully also the caregiver has a right to be concerned for their own safety and well-being... they don't want to injure themselves leading to loss of gainful employment and/or a long term or permanent injury. It can be a slippery slope especially when oftentimes the availability of qualified workers and under-staffing come into play.

For sole caregivers that are elderly or frail themselves, caring for a loved one, the plates can be used in conjunction with the Hoyer lift where exertion and mechanical advantages will be gained by the added use of the lift.