Prevent and Heal Unsightly Bedsores while Reducing Caregiver Injury

"Bedsores Be Gone EZ Positioning Plates" makes frequent patient re-positioning an EZ tasks for the single caregiver.

Inspired out of dire necessity, "Bedsores Be Gone/BBG" was invented by a nurse to prevent pain, suffering, and potential life threatening infections. Turning and repositioning a bed bound patient to prevent bedsores a.k.a. pressure sores must occur every 2-3 hours to prevent these type of wounds due to constant pressure on an area of the body.

     "BBG" is a simple, inexpensive, light weight, portable, assistive medical device designed for use by 1 caregiver (cg) to reposition bed bound patients and eliminate repetitive motion injuries to their hands, wrists and backs. "BBG" takes  into consideration the health and safety of the caregivers as well as the health and safety of their patients.

     As a nurse, I have witnessed many bedsores that may have been prevented or lessened in severity if there were a more efficient way, with less physical stress placed on the caregivers hands, wrists and backs while repositioning patients confined to bed.

     "BBG" is patent pending, effective, easy to use, portable, light weight, and easy to clean.


-can prevent and help heal bedsores

-makes moving the client super easy even if they can't help

-slides and rolls clients to relieve pressure off areas of the body


-can save money by supplementing current treatments 

-can eliminate pain in the caregiver’s hands, wrists, and arms

-slides the client easily when connected around the caregiver

-portable, light weight, easy to clean/use, repositions client in 60 seconds

Virtual video demonstration: