Prevent and Heal Unsightly Bedsores while Reducing Caregiver Injury


"Bedsores Be Gone"

The All Important Prophylactic Measure


-can prevent and heal decubitus ulcers by easing and facilitating the process of turning and positioning patients every 2-3 hours...

-creates ease of movement while positioning the patient by reducing the shearing force created by the patients’ weight       

-can aid in the healing process of pre-existing decubiti thereby reducing potential risks of infection and additional costly treatments

-bears the weight of the patient reducing the physical stress distributed to the caregiver’s hands, wrists, arms, and back lessening overall physical exertion and potential for injury

-will reduce insurance payouts by millions of dollars yearly based on savings diverted from ineffective wound care products/treatments, and supplies,  including specialized treatments (iv antibiotic therapies, skin grafting, debridement), lengthened hospital stays, visiting nurse services, workman’s compensation claims, disability claims, and law suits related to negligent care in hospital, long term care, rehabilitation, and home care agency settings

-are a necessary, unique utility, fundamental, lightweight, portable, cost effective, easy to clean, and the all important prophylactic measure in treatment as pertains to management in the reduction of incidence related to decubitus ulcers, risk of infection, and life threatening sepsis in debilitated and vulnerable populations

-are a necessary device required for prophylaxis and treatment in preventable incidence of pressure sores/decubitus ulcers

"An estimated $11 billion dollars is spent on pressure ulcers yearly, with $500 to $70,000 being spent on a single wound." - National Institutes of Health, 2018

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