Prevent and Heal Unsightly Bedsores while Reducing Caregiver Injury
"Bedsores Be Gone EZ Positioning Plates" / "BBG"

"Bedsores Be Gone EZ Positioning Plates" / "BBG"

"Bedsores Be Gone EZ Positioning Plates" makes frequent patient re-positioning an EZ tasks for the single caregiver.     

Help!       Heal unsightly bedsores.

"Bedsores Be Gone EZ Positioning Plates" are a simple, inexpensive, light weight, assistive medical device designed to reposition bed bound patients while eliminating repetitive use injuries to caregivers hands, wrists and backs. "BBG..." is specifically designed for use by the solitary caregiver, considering their health and safety as well as the health and safety of the patients they care for.

     As a nurse, I have witnessed many bedsores that may have been prevented or lessened in severity if there were a more efficient and less physically stressful way to move and reposition patients confined to bed. Hospitals, long term care, and rehabilitation facilities are frequently understaffed leaving solitary caregivers to turn patients without assistance and increasing their risk of personal injury. "BBG..." can also be of great use to home health care agencies and their aides providing care in patients' homes.

      "BBG..." is patent pending, effective, easy to use, portable, light weight, and easy to clean!


     "An estimated $11 billion dollars is spent on pressure ulcers yearly, with $500 to $70,000 being spent on a single wound." -                   Feb. 2018

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